Hello everyone, this is my first original character that I post in my blog ^^v. Let me introduce my character to you, her name is "Empritia". Her name is inspired from a Javanese bird name called "emprit". Emprit is kind of cute little bird that can be easily found in my village. Emprit is also nickname of my female friend in college. That's all about the name,,,

All preferences for the appearance are mostly taken from traditional culture in Indonesia and blended with my own imagination of course. The cloth is like Javanese traditional dress, with "kemben" (for tighten the belly) and tied "selendang" (the shawl). 

Tools I used :
~ Pencil and papper (for drawing manual sketch).
~ Inkscape (for digital coloring and adding some effects).

PS : - I need more study about body proportion. :3
       - If you ask where the arrows is. I would just answer, "It's magical arrows, it will appears anythime when the string pulled".

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